Racism Topics for Research Paper: Emphasize Critical Issues

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Any students can get an assignment to write a racism research paper since this phenomenon remains currently central and has a significant impact on various aspects of our lives. Sometimes, tutors offer their own list of topics about racism to choose from, and in this case, you can pick one, which is the most familiar or the most interesting. However, often students are supposed to generate ideas all by themselves, and this can pose a problem since racial issues are too many-sided and it is difficult to focus on something in particular. But actually, there is plenty of research paper topics on racism related to certain subjects or aspects you may be interested in.

Interesting Racism Research Paper Topics to Discuss

Racial and ethnic discrimination can be viewed through the prism of different aspects of our life - politics, economics, social culture, history, human mind and psychology. Obviously, depending on the subject studied, students can be asked to explore the issues concerning racial discrimination with a focus on the particular aspects. On the other hand, there are periods in the history of racism, which are traditionally regarded as a fertile ground for multifaceted researches, for example, the 60s and 70s US civil rights movement, the apartheid system in South Africa or the racist policy of Nazi Germany. Therefore, we present a wide range of topics that can be analyzed both within a single subject and in a broader sense.

Easy Psychology Research Paper Topics on Racism

Unlike other sciences, which consider discrimination from a political, economic or social standpoint, psychology tries to explore and reveal links between prejudices and the psychological qualities of individuals. It also strives to develop recommendations on how to stop racial discrimination through mental help and education.

  • Psychological background of racism.
  • What can psychologists do to continue the fight for equality?
  • Opposing hate speech on social networking websites.
  • Do we have sufficient anti-racist education in schools?
  • White privilege unawareness.
  • Implicit bias training.
  • Are there any discriminatory tendencies in animal behavior?
  • Psychological consequences of racial discrimination based on personal experience.
  • Is racism a mental illness?
  • Ways to provide diverse populations with appropriate services.
  • Racial and ethnic socialization initiatives to encourage healthy communication in children.
  • How can parents educate their children to grow up free from racism?
  • Psychological defense and racism.
  • Psychological distress in African Americans exposed to race-related stress.
  • Strategies for promoting diversity and reducing discrimination.

Sociology Research Topics on Racism

Sociology studies the social roots of racial and ethnic discrimination, analyzes the state of modern society and identifies the patterns that allow racism to exist in the present day world. The following topics will give you a clue where to find interesting ideas for your sociological research, covering both narrow and broad fields of study.

  • Diversity of ethnical groups and "Equality of opportunity" in the modern USA.
  • What are the social problems that fuel racism in the United States?
  • Racism and Islamophobia resulted from the September 11 attacks.
  • The formal equality of American laws and discrimination against non-white Americans in practice.
  • Race and poverty.
  • What is the situation with racism in today's USA compared to the rest of the world?
  • Skinheads - a youth subculture or a movement promoting racism?
  • Racism in contemporary literature.
  • Should Native and African Americans receive social reparations?
  • Racism in terms of biology.
  • Has the election of Barack Obama changed racial views in the US?
  • White beauty ideals in media.
  • Racism and its social roots in the present-day world.
  • Racism and elitology.
  • Is rap music a response to White supremacy?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics about Racism

Argumentative student papers involve the presentation of a statement, which has to be convincingly proved with appropriate facts. An easy way to solve this task is to conduct research in the historical field because, in this way, students can find a lot of information and facts to support their papers. We suggest the following topics on the history of racial discrimination, based on which you can build a good argumentative paper.

  • The most significant landmarks of the civil rights movement in the United States
  • Geographic coverage of race riots during the "Long, hot summer of 1967" and their outcomes.
  • Racial anti-Semitism and its impact on the Holocaust.
  • Racial context of lynching in the United States.
  • A caste system in Spanish America and the Philippines.
  • A comparison study on white backlashes in the XIX-XXI centuries.
  • The legal background of Native American peoples' forced relocations.
  • The racial policy of Nazi Germany.
  • The origin of Black supremacy.
  • Abolitionism in America to Jim Crow laws.
  • Key players of African American civil rights movement in the USA.
  • Ku Klux Klan: from the 1860's to nowadays.
  • Nazi crimes against the Polish nation during WWII.
  • South Africa and apartheid legislation issue .
  • The Black Panther Party activities in the United States and other countries.

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