Gender Roles Essay: Why It Is Important

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Perhaps there are only a few topics that evoke so many discussions: religion, racial issues, abortion, politics, and gender roles. What does it mean to be feminine or masculine? What is the role of women in the modern society? How to fight gender inequality and provide equal rights and fair wages for both men and women? It is only a brief list of questions that spur heated arguments all over the world. That's the reason why a well-written essay on gender roles is guaranteed to draw the attention of your college or university professor, engage in a discussion and earn the highest mark. However, writing an essay on such a sensitive topic is much harder than it may seem. You must be extremely cautious at all stages of writing, from selecting the appropriate title to drawing relevant conclusions. It is necessary to weight every word and make clear and persuasive arguments. Otherwise, this essay may turn into a disaster. We certainly want you to avoid this situation. That is why we will not only explain all nuances about writing an essay on gender roles but also provide some useful tips and interesting topics.

How to write an essay on gender roles: Major stages

It is obvious that composing a gender role essay is a really tough task. Not only does it require having specific knowledge about the history or gender relations and associated issues as well as the current developments in this area. To create an essay that will provoke an intellectual discussion and help you have only good grades, you would have to apply both analytical and critical thinking to every part of your academic paper. But most importantly, to have a plenty of food for thought from your essay without causing controversy, you would have to find the perfect balance between stating the objective and tolerable things and expressing your view that may appear unconventional. These are the general requirements for an ideal gender roles essay, but we also want to give you a detailed guide on writing an academic paper on gender issues that won't leave anyone indifferent.

So, how one should start an essay about gender roles? Obviously, it is necessary to choose a topic that is relevant to the current situation and poses certain interest to all potential readers. After the topic is chosen, you should think of a creative title for a gender roles essay. A properly formulated title is essential to the overall success of the essay as it engages the reader and serves as the cornerstone for the productive discussion. Make sure that the title is succinct but informative. Here are some of the most illustrative examples of titles for a gender roles essay.

  • The ways for overcoming suppressive paternalism in Islamic societies.
  • Feminism: a fight for the rights of women or a cover-up for radical leftists.
  • Comparison of matriarchy and patriarchy.
  • The role of women in the modern military.
  • Gender equality: a myth or an attainable goal?

You can either use one of these titles or think of one yourself, just don't forget that a good title must grab readers' attention and persuade them to read the paper. As for the structure of the essay about gender roles, it is no different from any other academic writing. It has an introduction part, main body, and a conclusion. The main body usually consists of one to ten paragraphs, depending on the required overall volume of the essay. In the gender roles essay introduction, you should provide some general information about the topic at hand, explaining why you think this issue is important and then provide a well-grouned thesis statement. One of the main requirements is to make its is short and pertinent since it is one of the essential parts of the essay. Basically, that is all you have to know about how to start an essay about gender roles.

The main body of a gender role essay should consist of a few paragraphs, usually three to five. In each of these paragraphs, you must contain valuable information, compelling arguments, and evidence that confirm the validity of your point. It is important to logically structure the paragraphs so that the final sentences of one paragraph would serve as a precursor to the next one. You should also keep in mind that it is of absolute importance to adhere to your thesis statement.

In conclusion for a gender roles essay, you must paraphrase your thesis statement, emphasizing the importance of the topic which you have covered in the essay, confirm that you have proven your point and then end the paper with a strong personal statement or a call to action.

Gender roles essay: Ideas and prompts for "A+"

We want to offer you some ideas that will help make your gender essay original and exciting:

  • Try to focus on the gradual changes in the role that men play in modern society. Are men ready to give up their dominant positions in many spheres of life?
  • Question the ideological integrity of different social movements for gender equality.
  • Offer an alternative solution to the problem of gender roles in the modern society.

We would also like to give you some additional prompts for writing a good essay:

  • Don't make your paper too wordy. Try to make each sentence as informative as possible.
  • Take your time to study the topic. Don't try to make arguments from superficial knowledge.

Gender roles in society

While your academic paper may be dedicated to the history of the struggle for gender equality, which is a really broad field of study, we suggest that you pick the topic that is related to the issue of gender roles in modern society. This way, your essay will be more relevant and engaging since many readers will be able to relate to your arguments.

Argumentative essay on gender roles

All gender roles essay could fall into the category of the argumentative essay because to write this paper a student will have to gather and study a significant amount of information, develop valid arguments that are supported by undeniable evidence. Here is a tip: present no more than three strong arguments in the essay but get as much evidence as possible to support them. This way, your essay will be more convincing and less vague.

Essay on gender role in advertising

The recent scandal involving ads from Heineken serve as yet another example of how sexist the advertising industry could be at times. You can use this case to write a formidable essay dedicated to gender-related issues in ads that we see on TV or the Internet.

Gender roles: persuasive essay topics

Lastly, we would like to offer you a list of persuasive essay topics on gender roles:

  • Should women be subject to involuntary military service?
  • Why women are better politicians than men.
  • Why gender equality is inevitable in Western societies.
  • Why men are gradually losing privileges in different areas of life.