Top Best Research Topics for Academic Writing

Sep 02, 2019 1137 views

A research essay is an academic paper which is devoted to a particular subject on which the author of the paper conducts thorough research. Such a paper often includes a description of the chosen problem, detailed analysis and interpretation of acquired information, and comprehensive conclusions.

Usually, the topic for the research paper is given to the student by the professor; however, there are instances where the students are asked to choose a topic of their research papers themselves. While it may seem that an opportunity to pick a topic may facilitate the task, because basically, the student can write about whatever interests him or her, frequently, such a "freedom of choice" may pose a dilemma because there are a plethora of topics to choose from. On the other hand, some students may experience writer's block when they are stuck at the very stage of choosing the topic.

In any case, we thought that it would be really helpful if we were to compile a list of 100 best research topics. This way, the students who experience difficulties with choosing research topics to write about may use our list of the best research topics to pick the most appropriate one and write an academic paper that will impress even the strictest professor.

Best topics for research papers

After spending many hours searching and analyzing various topics which are given to students at different educational institutions across the country, we came up with the most comprehensive list of the best topics to write a research paper on. As you probably know, this field of academic writing offers a broad choice of subjects, from political science to marketing. We have tried to gather the most interesting and the most relevant topics which you would be able to cover using information from open sources.

Best political science research topics

  1. The role of neo-industrialism in the development of modern society
  2. What are the main differences between totalitarianism and authoritarianism?
  3. Why far-right and populist political parties are gaining traction in the EU?
  4. What could be the consequences of the potential global trade war? Will it lead to the eruption of the global armed conflict?
  5. What are the main advantages of the parliamentary republic over the presidential republic?
  6. The reasons behind the recent immigrant crisis in Europe. Is it relevant for the United States?
  7. Should the US remain the "global policeman" or should it revert to the policy of isolationism?
  8. Comparison of political culture in the US and Europe.
  9. Does the US political system needs a third power?
  10. Should religion be separated from the state?

Best research topics in medicine

  1. Pros and cons of the legalization of abortions
  2. The alternative methods of treatment of drug dependence
  3. How plastic surgery has changed over the course of the last decade
  4. Influence of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs on the female body
  5. The most effective methods of treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder
  6. Recent breakthroughs in the study of DNA
  7. What reform in the healthcare system would you offer to the President?
  8. New ways of treating the Post-Traumatic Stress syndrome
  9. The impact of tobacco smoking on the male reproductive system
  10. The most efficient methods of treatment of Hepatitis A

Best science research topics

  1. Is genetically modified crops hazardous to human health?
  2. When could we expect the next breakthrough in space exploration?
  3. Commercial space flights: the future of aeronautics or a publicity stunt?
  4. What is the most efficient method of application of carbon dioxide?
  5. Is graphene the most durable material on Earth?
  6. The prospects of nanotechnology in the next five years
  7. What is the future of artificial intelligence?
  8. How Big Data can change the global information flow
  9. Human cloning: the future of mankind or the unethical practices?
  10. Will the humanity be able to make a full transition to green energy?

Best research topics for psychology

  1. How propaganda can change the way we perceive information
  2. The connection between stress and eating disorders
  3. How insomnia influences the human behavior
  4. Lucid dreaming: is it possible to control your dreams?
  5. What is hikikomori and why is it dangerous for modern youth
  6. Why people become misanthropes and sociopaths?
  7. Can depression be treated without medicine?
  8. The advantages of group therapy over individual therapy
  9. The symptoms of borderline personality disorder: How to distinguish and treat them
  10. Exercises that can significantly improve mental health

Best research topics for computer science

  1. What is the most efficient compression algorithm?
  2. How to protect the home network against cyber-attacks?
  3. Cyberterrorism: why is it more dangerous than suicide bombers
  4. Recent development in machine learning
  5. The future of artificial intelligence
  6. What is blockchain technology and how it can change the tech world
  7. The Quantum computer: a revolutionary invention or a threat?
  8. The lack of data storage space in the face of the continually growing volume of data
  9. How computer science can facilitate the invention of time travel
  10. The history of computer science

Best research topics in chemistry

  1. The development of analytical chemistry over the last decade
  2. Is graphene more durable than steel?
  3. The classification of neuropeptides
  4. How temperature influences enzymes
  5. How biofuel is produced
  6. 3D printing of biological materials
  7. Description of Bohr's model of the hydrogen atom
  8. Kinetic molecular theory
  9. The basics of thermodynamics
  10. Basic principles of sustainable chemistry

Best research topics in marketing

  1. How to detect trends in consumer behavior
  2. The most important aspects of SMM
  3. The stages of brand developing
  4. Are cold calls still an effective marketing tool?
  5. The influence of modern technology on marketing
  6. Managing website content for marketing purposes
  7. How to analyze business environment before launching a marketing campaign
  8. Different models of consumer behavior
  9. B2B and B2C marketing strategies
  10. The importance of critical thinking when developing a marketing strategy

Best research topics in education

  1. The distinguishing features of inclusive education
  2. Connection between gender inequality and the quality of education
  3. Differences between the US and Japanese education systems
  4. How educational methods will change over the course of the next ten years
  5. The ways to fix the modern educational system in the US
  6. Implementing modern technology in the educational system
  7. The effect of discipline on the performance in class
  8. The benefits of online education
  9. The impact of virtual classrooms on the quality of education
  10. The difficulties of implementing the concept of multiculturalism in schools

Best research topics in economics

  1. The impact of steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by the US on the global economy
  2. Economic methodology in the 21st century
  3. The Game Theory in the global economy
  4. Differences between free and regulatory economy
  5. Three suggestions on how to improve the US fiscal policy
  6. The schools of economic thought in the 20th century
  7. Connection between globalization and social inequality
  8. The history of trade wars
  9. The influence of Keynesianism on the modern economy
  10. Pros and cons of free market economy

We hope that you have found a lot of interesting ideas in this list of the best research project topics, so now you can go straight to writing an impressive academic paper.