Cruelty to Animals Essay - When Do You Need to Write It?

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Your cruelty to animals essay can address a wide range of problems associated with both pets and wild animals.

Within the topic, you may be asked to define one of the problems and offer your own solution; to review authoritative sources describing the issues and make a short report that will highlight different points of view; to compare the situation with animal welfare in different countries and draw your own conclusions. Thus, we cannot define animal cruelty essay as a separate type of academic writing, but depending on the purpose this topic can be studied through various types of papers.

Usually, animal cruelty essays are assigned in the liberal arts and humanities and aimed at developing academic skills, while highlighting a top-of-mind concern of humanist attitude to animals. That's why your animal abuse essay should be written in a clear and consistent way reflecting your writing skills and at the same time showing meaningfulness and purposefulnessof this issue.

A title for an Animal Cruelty Essay: Make it Catchy

A title for an animal cruelty essay largely depends on the type of essay you are writing. While we are going to explore essays types further, you should keep in mind that your title needs to correspond to the main idea of your text clearly. Don't make it too broad and confusing - when writing about your attitude towards cruelty to circus animals, don't title your paper like "Animal abuse issue in the United States", and make it more narrow and specified such as "Why do I believe that the problem of wild animals use in circuses should be prohibited throughout the United States."

Animal Cruelty Essay Introduction: Primary Point

This part of your work should briefly explain the topic under consideration and describe the current situation. But you shouldn't dig too much into the subject of discussion - the key point is that your animal cruelty essay introduction has to present a thesis, which is the central statement of your essay.

Cruelty to Animals Essay Types: Choose the Purpose

There are quite a number of essay types that students face through school to university, but some of them are seldom used to address such a topic as animal cruelty. Though there is always a chance that tutors will surprise you with an unusual task, in most cases cruelty to animals essay types are limited to the following:

Animal Cruelty Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is aimed at teaching students to shape a sound view on a topic and to set it forward in a clear and reasonable way. It also suggests considering the issue from different points of view by exploring the topic, identifying its key problems and developing ideas supported by evidence from relevant sources.

It means that before writing an argumentative essay on animal cruelty, you should critically and selectively read research literature, actual data, reports and other trustworthy information on the chosen topic. Critical reading involves understanding, calling into question and evaluating the material read. Based on your findings, you should form your own opinion on the problem and collect facts supporting your point of view. Statistics, graphs, quotes, and references to reputable sources will help you establish your argumentation, as well as provide constructive criticism of the opposite point of view.

Animal Cruelty Persuasive Essay

In contrast to the argumentative essay, which is characterized by a bare outline of facts, clear logic, and formal academic language, persuasive paper can appeal to readers' emotions and deliver your ideas in a less formal way. On the other hand, there is one common thing for both types of these academic writings - the persuasive essay is also aimed to influence readers and to persuade them that your point of view is reasonable.

However, more emotional nature of persuasive essay doesn't mean that you don't need to provide any evidence supporting your perspective. Also, you can operate with claims and opinions, which are not proven with scientific facts or statistical data. Moreover, when you are assigned to write a persuasive essay on animal cruelty, it doesn't mean you are required to present the opposite point of view and disprove it.

Problem-Solution Essay on Animal Cruelty

Problem solution essay differs from the types mentioned above in that it requires not only investigating a question and reaching a reasoned opinion about it but also offering a solution to the problem. Moreover, the main focus of the problem solution essay is to provide evidence for the effectiveness and expediency of the proposed solution, rather than to evaluate the soundness of different approaches to the problem.

Thus, when working on a good problem solution writing on animal cruelty, you need to define a problem you want to solve, back up with facts its significance, describe your solution and explain why it is only good one. If you realize that your proposal can raise reasonable objections, it makes sense to list these objections and to give arguments invalidating the counterarguments of your supposed opponents.

Expository Essay on Animal Cruelty

While both argumentative and persuasive papers are written to convince readers of something, an expository essay is aimed at informing and explaining things stated in a topic. However, it also requires providing facts, figures and graphs for better understanding the idea explained (similar to argumentative writing), without involving an emotional resonance (unlike persuasive papers).

Since expository essay is mainly used for educational purpose, you need to choose a topic on animal cruelty, which you want to highlight and to bring to notice. In order to provide thorough developing of the topic, you need to collect multiple facts and to arrange them in the most understandable way. With that, you should keep in mind that expository essay does not provide for delivering your opinion on the subject - you need to explain a definition, a fact, a reason or a situation with appropriate detailing.

Animal Cruelty Essay Outline Example

  • Title
    Animal acts laws in the United States
  • Introduction
    Despite the Animal Welfare Act and local bans and restrictions on the use of animals in various entertainments, facts show that existing legislation cannot protect animals to the full...
  • Body
    In 2010, PETA published findings of their undercover investigation, revealing...
  • Conclusion
    Based on these facts, I believe that we should introduce a nationwide ban ...