Technology Research Paper Topics: Find the One

Aug 12, 2019 5333 views

Technology research paper topics are very diverse since it is difficult to find an area of modern life where innovations isn't a thing of great importance. On the other hand, there are so many technologies around us that it is difficult for a student to focus on a specific area when choosing a topic.

First and foremost, you need to clearly understand your assignment, as sometimes research paper topics on technology are somehow described by tutors (for example, you may be asked to conduct a comparative study, and this narrows your choice of topics down to technologies used in the same field). When you are still not sure what to write about, you can think of different devices from your daily life - this can inspire you to find great technology to write a research paper on. Also, you can rack your memory for discussions about problems related to technological development, since things like that are often discussed on TV and online. However, when having no good research paper topic ideas on technology, you can peep into our list of ideas covering many subjects.

List of Topics for a Research Paper on Technology: Choose Your Idea

The offered list of topics addresses various fields of the contemporary society including medicine, education, psychology, economy, entertainment, law and many others. This abundance of ideas is sure to help students choose an appropriate topic focusing on their field of study, as well as on their personal preferences.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Technology

In an argumentative research paper students need to provide persuasive arguments supporting a certain thesis they want to defend. But before making arguments for the thesis, they need to develop it, which is not that easy when a topic for their paper is vague. That's why you should choose a specific topic, which would suggest a thesis, just like the following topic do.

  1. What will be teaching process in the future with technologies?
  2. Do parental filters on the Internet really work?
  3. Can bitcoins and digital currency challenge paper money?
  4. Is it reasonable to ban instant messengers to resist terrorism?
  5. Will self-driving cars make driving safer?
  6. Should the United States adopt the GDPR to protect personal data similar to Europeans?
  7. What are the most significant achievements of robotics in medical surgery?
  8. How social network influence school life.
  9. Do genetic tests improve children health?
  10. Will traditional newspapers be driven out by online media?
  11. GMO food vs. Natural plant breeding.
  12. How can social media influence teen's self-esteem?
  13. Thepotential danger of underskin identity chips.
  14. Is there any link between the extensive use of video games and child violence?
  15. Can alternative energy replace hydrocarbon fuels in the near future?
  16. How do digital tools affect workplace productivity?
  17. Is cyberbullying a crime?
  18. What are the most promising areas of nanotechnology application?
  19. Artificial intelligence as a threat to modern generation.
  20. Does excessive use of social media contribute to addictive behaviors?

Technology Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Persuasive research papers are aimed at convincing readers that a certain point of view has a solid grounding. That implies that a topic should be rather controversial to allow for various perspectives, while a student should choose one of them to defend. The following topics meet this goal offering much space for discussion.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of human genes testing aimed at revealing possible health risks.
  2. The real usefulness of video gaming?
  3. Which of e-learning technologies are the most effective?
  4. Does employee electronic surveillance help increase productivity?
  5. Do we need the Internet to be controlled and censored?
  6. How can ordinary people benefit from the progress of machine learning?
  7. Moral issues in gene engineering.
  8. How has social media contributed to solving public problems?
  9. Pros and cons of using embryonic stem cells.
  10. Prospects of using cloud technologies.
  11. How smart is today's digital intelligence?
  12. Why is it important to maintain the safety of social network activity?
  13. Problems surfaced from algorithmic decision-making processes.
  14. Which computer languages are the most promising?
  15. How do the human brain and body respond to virtual reality?
  16. Does the development of military technology make the world safer?
  17. DNA storage of information: how it can change the world?
  18. Digital vs. traditional reading.
  19. How is the use of drones regulated to make it safe?
  20. What are the latest achievements in robotic prostheses?

Now you can choose a topic from the list or generate your own ideas based on these tips.